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PSE Consulting – PSE (Payment Systems Europe), based in Twickenham, England, was formed in 1991 as a specialist business and technology payment systems consulting company. The company is highly regarded for its advisory knowledge, expertise and independence. It is well established within the UK, continental Europe and the Middle East. PSE has worked with and completed assignments for many of Europe’s leading financial institutions, retailers, payment systems operators, as well as the major international and domestic European card schemes.

PSE has developed a particular specialization in acquiring, debit card, card processing, cash and cheque processing, eCommerce, prepaid cards, mobile and contactless payments. PSE has also developed a strong practice in supporting M&A bids and in the development of card scheme rules and regulations.

For over 20 years, PSE has conducted many pan-EU research projects and as a result has acquired a detailed knowledge of the cards business landscapes, processes and practices in all the major European nations.

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